The Ten Stained Glass Windows

The Life of Christ is portrayed in the five window highlights, like a jewel, a major event in the Life of Christ. These windows portray the Gospel. From the Gospel, the Good news, we know who Jesus the Christ is and what he did, and does for our salvation. The five windows on the Life of Christ also portray the first half of the Church Year from Advent through Pentecost.

The Life of the Christian is portrayed in the five windows (#6 - 10) on the north side of the church. These windows portray, like a jewel, major truths concerning our life as Christians. The five windows on the Life of the Christian also portray the second half of the Church Year. As the people of God come together for worship in the church, the Life of Christ and the Life of a Christian enclose them. Years ago, before people were taught to read and write and before Christians could have their own copy of the bible, stained glass windows portrayed the bible truths.

Life of Christ - windows 1 - 5 on the south side of the sanctuary

These five windows portray the Gospel.
The Cross of Christ is in every window.
(Mandoria is the Italian word for almond and is the medieval Christian artistic convention by which an oval or almond shaped area surrounds a deity, most commonly Jesus. (Source - Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia)
 1. Nativity Window - Looking at the window from the top down: The star shining over Bethlehem, the Cross of Christ in red, the Star of David in green. The manger consists of three crowns: Jesus conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary, and does the will of his Heavenly Father.

 2. Wedding at Cana - Jesus performs his first miracle by changing water into wine. The six clay pots containing the water and around the pots are the color for the water and wine. Two wedding rings united by the cross also form the mandoria (two intertwining circles). The mandoria represents the divine and human nature of Jesus the Christ. Jesus uses water set aside for the rite of purification for this miracle.

 3. Crucifixion Window - Three crosses. The Cross of Christ is red. The crown of Thorns, and great drops of blood onto green leaves for Jesus' agony in Gethsemane. Green is also the color for life. By the Blood of Christ, we are given life.

 4. Resurrection Window - A traditional symbol for the resurrection is the cross adorned with jewels and looking radiant. The cross is now white. There is no more need for the shedding of blood. Easter Lilies are pushing up through the blue color. Blue is the color for heaven. Life on earth and life in heaven are God's gifts through Christ's resurrection.

 5. Ascension or Transfiguration Window - Again the mandoria (two intertwining circles), and the cross are seen. They are obscured by the glory and radiance of Christ Jesus; our victorious Savior. Jesus is the "light of the world," (John 8:12). The larger pieces of green represent the earth, and the smaller pieces of green represent new life for all believers made possible through our risen and transformed Christ.

Ascension or Transfiguration

Life of a Christian - windows six to ten, on the north side of the sanctuary

 6. The dove, the presence and work of the Holy Spirit, the Cross of Christ, and the water portray our Lord's Baptism and Our Baptism. The water and the name of God: Father Son and Holy Spirit, constitute Baptism and New life.

Our Baptism
 7. Holy Communion is a means of grace. Stalks of wheat and bread, the kernel of wheat surrounded by four touches of red breaks and falls down as "manna". (Also read, John 12:24-26). The grapes of the new wine fall into the chalice as His blod, which is "poured out for many".

Holy Communion
 8. Legion represents Satan, Evil Angels and all evil, which is overcome by the death of Christ on the Cross. The oblong design surrounding the cross is the center of the intertwining circles, the mandoria. Christ is truly God and truly Man.

Christ on the Cross
 9. Jesus provides loaves and fishes for food. He is God with the Father and the Holy Spirit with full power and control over life.

Jesus Loaves and Fishes
10. Christ is the vine and we are the branches; bearing much fruit. Christ and the Vine

Bible verses that go with each window

Pulpit side of the Sanctary
Life of a Christian
6. Our Baptism
    Matthew 28:19
    Romans 6:1-11
    Galatians 3:26-28
    Titus 3:3-

7. Holy Communion
    Matthew 26:26-30
    Mark 14:22-26
    Luke 22:14-20
    First Corinthians 11:23-25

8. Christ on the Cross
    Matthew 12:22-32
    Mark 5:1-20

9. Loaves and Fishes
    Matthew 14:13-21
    Luke 9:10-17
    John 6:1-14

10. Christ the Vine
      John 15:1-17

                Organ side of the Sanctary
Life of Christ
1. Nativity
    Matthew 11:18-24
    Luke 2:1-7
    John 1:1-18

2. Wedding at Cana
    John 2:1-12

3. Crucifixion
    Matthew 27:32-44
    Mark 15:21-32
    Luke 23:26-49
    John 19:17-27

4. Resurrection
    Matthew 28:1-10
    Mark 16:1-8
    Luke 24:1-12
    John 20:1-10

5. Ascension
    Mark 16:19-20
    Luke 24:50-53
    Acts 1:9-11